Energize/Spa Gift Set- Aromatherapy-3 piece

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Energize & Enjoy a Spa Day with this Trio!

*Energize Aroma Diffuser (Lighted)

*Avon Energize Essential Oil 1.7oz (Mandarin/Ylang Ylang)

*Canyon Scents Fresh Orange Candle - 16oz/2 wick & 80 hour burn time.

Do you enjoy burning a scented candle that gives you a mental boost? Pair this candle with an Energize 90ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser to enjoy your favorite energizing scents at home. The essential oil diffuser operates using ultrasonic waves. Simply add water to its reservoir, add a few drops of essential oil and turn it on. Within seconds, you can enjoy an amazingly invigorating aromatherapy session in the comfort of your own home.

There is much to love about this unique fragrance diffuser, starting with its snazzy geometric pattern designed to uplift you and get you feeling more energized. You can adjust how you want to experience the mist - less mist or more - depending on your preference. And there are lights! These color-changing lights provide visual interest, and they may even spark a bit of creativity. A time setting offers you a choice of shorter or longer aromatherapy sessions. Get this diffuser to enjoy an energy boost any time you need one!

The Energize aroma diffuser has a modern design that also makes it a chic home accessory.

What's especially nice about this ultrasonic aromatic humidifier is that you can control the amount of mist dispersing into the room by simply adjusting its mist settings. You can also easily set it to run for the amount of time you prefer. 

Great for gift giving, Mother's Day, Easter or Graduation!